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Traffic Jams Crashes Onto Quest And PC VR This April, PSVR This Summer

Traffic Jams Crashes Onto Quest And PC VR This April, PSVR This Summer

Wacky traffic controlling VR game, Traffic Jams, is slated to hit both Quest and PC VR headsets this April 8, with a PSVR release coming this summer.

Traffic Jams is a promising-looking silly VR game published Vertigo Games and developed by Little Chick Game Company, in which you control the flow of traffic during increasingly bizarre and zany circumstances using hand movements. It even features a local multiplayer component for up to four non-VR players that looks like it could be a lot of fun as a party game.

The premise here is that all of the traffic lights have inexplicably gone out and your are apparently the last hope of managing the world’s busiest intersections. Each of the various cities will throw their own challenges and twists at you, as well as unlockable events, to up the craziness even further.

You can see some pretty wild stuff going down in the trailer and screenshots above. Does that one nighttime image have a meteor falling down on the city, or do my eyes deceive me? It’ll probably be tough to manage traffic under that kind of duress.

I haven’t had a chance to try this one out yet, but it definitely seems like a unique brand of wacky that could only really work effectively in VR. I’m not sure a game like this would be anywhere near as compelling without motion controllers to give you hand motions. It’d be even better with hand tracking features as well.

Traffic Jams releases on April 8 for Oculus Quest and PC VR, with a PSVR release coming later this summer. Let us know what you think of Traffic Jams down in the comments below!

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