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Top Gun Comes To VR In Free Microsoft Flight Simulator Expansion

Top Gun Comes To VR In Free Microsoft Flight Simulator Expansion

A free expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator brings the Top Gun experience to VR with new missions, challenges and aircraft.

The expansion is available now and as you can imagine, it looks like true a match made in heaven.

The announcement was accompanied by the trailer embedded above which shows some footage that looks absolutely stunning (although that’s expected with any new Flight Simulator footage at this point).

Top Gun VR Flight Simulator

The blog post also detailed exactly what is included in the expansion. You’ll get a Top Gun livery for the F/A-18E Super Hornet, along with three new training missions for the Hornet that will “allow you to master radical flight maneuvers including unrestricted take-offs, split S maneuvers, and low altitude, high-speed maneuvering through complex terrain.”

There’s also five high-speed, low-level challenges set above mountains and canyons, plus a carrier deck landing challenge.

Top Gun VR Flight Simulator

There’s even a brand new hypersonic aircraft that can go up to Mach 10 speed and climb higher than 150,000 feet, which you’ll use in a new mission that takes you up into the stratosphere.

For a free update it all sounds pretty incredible. Of course, the timing of the update is no coincidence as it’s a direct tie-in with Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise, now in theaters.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for PC and Xbox, with optional VR support for the former. We recently found out that 10% of players exclusively play in VR, which is quite impressive. No doubt those players will be itching to try out the new Top Gun content as soon as possible.

You can read more about future plans for Flight Simulator content here.

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