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To The Top Flings Itself Onto App Lab For Oculus Quest

To The Top Flings Itself Onto App Lab For Oculus Quest

VR parkour and climbing game To The Top has made its way onto App for Oculus Quest, after being rejected from the Oculus Store in 2019 and moving to a SideQuest release early last year.

The game is simple but addictive, including 35 levels and a campaign that can last up to six hours. There’s also now 8-player co-op and vs modes online, which were not originally included in the Quest release despite being available on PC VR.

To The Top released for PC VR in 2017 and aimed to release on the Oculus Store for Quest in 2019. However, Facebook rejected the To The Top’s Oculus Store application and so the developers, Electric Hat Games, published the game as a paid release available via SideQuest instead. In February 2020, Electric Hat Games said that they were pleased with the game’s first month sales on SideQuest and indicated that having an alternate route for publication on Quest was encouraging when thinking about making a sequel.

More than a year on from the SideQuest launch, To The Top is now available on App Lab, making it even easier for users to install the game. For the SideQuest release, users had to be aware of how to sideload, which involves registering a developer account and connecting your Quest to a computer over a USB connection. App Lab is much more simple — users can purchase and install App Lab apps entirely wirelessly, using just their computer or phone.

While there’s still no word on a potential To The Top 2, but hopefully the ease-of-access directs more traffic to To The Top on Quest and pushes the devs even further towards a sequel.

To The Top is available now on App Lab for $19.99. It is also available on PC VR via Steam and Oculus.

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