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'Time Machine VR': Explore The Past To Save The Future

'Time Machine VR': Explore The Past To Save The Future

In order to rescue the future from a deadly virus, you will need to discover the key to its cure in the past.

This is the basic premise for Minority Media‘s upcoming virtual reality game: Time Machine VR. Minority Media is the studio behind the celebrated indy title Papo y Yo, and TMVR will mark its first foray into the world of VR gaming.

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The studio’s official synopsis for the game paints the picture of a title that throws education, adventure, and even a few survival elements into a single cohesive mix:

“In TMVR, players will take on the role of a promising cadet from a time-traveling research institution, the Monda Muzeo, assigned to foray into Earth’s Jurassic oceans to observe the behavior and analyze the DNA of the ancient titans who ruled the waters of that time. Things take a turn when an ancient and deadly plague lays waste to the present, and the key to the cure lies with the formidable fauna of our planet’s prehistory. Players will need their wits, cunning, and very best scientific methods to survive Earth’s past and save its future.”

According to Minority Media, as you explore the ancient waters of a primordial earth you will be given access to a litany of abilities to aid you in your research. These powers include: Time Freeze, Tracker, Probe, Scan, Bait, Echo, Behavior Scan, and Exo Scan. The data you collect will be compiled into a “DinoDex” that will unlock more creatures for you to study as you add to it.

A representative for Minority Media confirmed that the game will release on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in April, with a PSVR launch scheduled for an undisclosed date later this year. Karl explained that the game’s Rift version will be controlled on with an Xbox One controller while the Vive edition will use the system’s hand-tracked controllers for, “a bit of a different experience.”

No word yet on the game’s pricing, but the studio rep indicated that more information will be coming soon.

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