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Tilt Five Launches 'The Lab' For Community-Made Games & Experiences

Tilt Five Launches 'The Lab' For Community-Made Games & Experiences

Tilt Five launched ‘The Lab’ this week, a new area on its site that collects community-made content for its consumer AR glasses.

Tilt Five owners are able to browse the projects collected in The Lab and download them to use with their headsets. The current selection is small, but includes various small demos that I tried earlier this year at Gamescom, such as the Fantasy Forest Tech Demo and the Tilt Five Demo Pack, alongside projects from other teams and developers.

Developers are able to submit projects for consideration to The Lab via this form. Once accepted, the project will be added to The Lab’s collection, which you can browse here.

Tilt Five is one of the most promising consumer AR headset available right now, delivering market-leading field of view when viewing content reflected from its game board. The catch is that you still need an external computing device to power the glasses and can only see the AR content when it’s backed by the retroreflective material found in the game board. However, Tilt Five leans into this constraint by focusing on tabletop gamers who want to gather around the board to play AR experiences. 

Earlier this year, we left our Tilt Five demo at Gamescom quite impressed, but noted that it remains to be seen how comprehensive the current content line-up is for owners. The new addition of The Lab should hopefully encourage more people to get involved with development, while also offering a place for people to share and try out new content build for Tilt Five.

Tilt Five is technically available to order right now, but you’ll likely be waiting a while for the headset to arrive. Tilt Five is taking deposits of $5 to reserve a spot in the order queue, with shipping timeframes potentially taking up to five months and  current orders taking priority before new ones.

You can check out The Lab here and read more about the headset in our recent hands-on.

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