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Thrill of the Fight Gets 90Hz Public Beta On Quest 2

Thrill of the Fight Gets 90Hz Public Beta On Quest 2

A new public beta version of The Thrill of the Fight adds 90Hz support for Quest 2, alongside some other enhancements.

Developers have been implementing 90Hz support for their games on an ongoing basis so that they can run at the higher refresh rate offered by the new headset. Even before 90Hz was available to third-party games, developers started implementing the feature so it would be compatible as soon as wider 90Hz support went live. However, despite a full launch a few weeks ago, not all apps have implemented support yet — popular VR boxing game The Thrill of the Fight was one of those titles, but now has a 90Hz beta available to the public.

As the game’s developer noted on Reddit, this isn’t a full release just yet, but it is available for anyone to try out. To switch to the public beta release with 90Hz support, just go to the Thrill of the Fight store page on the Oculus app. From there, you can scroll to the Additional Details section and click on the version number, which will let you select your release channel at the top. It’s here that you can change to the channel called PUBLIC_BETA, which will download onto your Quest 2.

After changing to the public beta channel, you’ll be able to try boxing at 90Hz. There’s some other enhancements and changes as well, including improvements to the original Quest version of the game. The lighting and audience quality has been improved across all versions, while the rendering resolution has been improved on the Quest 1 specifically. You can read the rest of the changes by clicking on the beta version number on the store page.

The Thrill of the Fight 90Hz update is available in beta now, with a full release expected at some point in the future.

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