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Thief Simulator VR Is A Modern Sandbox Burglary Game

Thief Simulator VR Is A Modern Sandbox Burglary Game

Have you ever wanted to run around your neighborhood and rob every house in sight? I hope not, but nonetheless, Thief Simulator VR might be the game for you if so.

Thief Simulator VR launches into early access today, and currently offers around 10 hours of story content. However, the player is not limited to the story missions and is somewhat free to operate as they please, the developers wrote in a Reddit comment. They also claim that, due to the flexibility and immersive mechanics, players could spend much longer than 10 hours in the game just experimenting and playing around with the game’s mechanics.

Thief Simulator originally released for PC in November of last year, however, the developers made it clear that the VR version isn’t just a “lazy port.” In the VR version, you’ll be able to interact with almost any object in the game’s environments.

Thief Simulator VR will remain in early access for roughly 4 months, according to the Steam page, and is currently priced at $14.99. The game is also discounted by 10% at the moment to celebrate the early access launch.

It also looks like Prison Simulator will also make its way to VR, developed by the same studio as Thief Simulator VR, however there is currently no planned release date for that port.

If you’re looking for other sneaky stealth games, we’d also suggest checking out Unknightly. It’s a medieval-themed VR homage to Thief and classic 90s stealth games. You can read Jamie’s hands-on with the early access version of the game from last year for more info.

Thief Simulator VR is available in early access on Steam. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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