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Theta Legion VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest This Summer

Theta Legion VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest This Summer

After releasing for Oculus Rift toward the end of last year, ’90s-inspired shooter Theta Legion VR is coming to Oculus Quest this summer.

Theta Legion is a game inspired by ’90s FPS classics like Doom and Quake, and it’s evident throughout the entire design. Most of the textures feature pixel art, and there’s a mixture of 3D environments and 2D sprites, which lends it a real retro feel.

Theta Legion is actually an updated version of Theta Legion Go, which launched for free on the Oculus Go in December 2018. When Theta Legion released for Rift last year, the developers described it as a “bigger, faster and more badass upgrade” to the Go version, and that applies to the upcoming Quest version as well.

We got to try out an early build of the game running on Oculus Quest, and it was quite impressive. The game plays like a modernized classic shooter, as you would expect, and the pixel art graphics work really well. There’s even some beautiful reflective water graphics that almost look too pretty to be running on mobile hardware like the Quest. You can check out those fancy reflections in the latter half of the gameplay video embedded above.

Garage Collective told us that they don’t have a specific release date for the Quest port at the moment — there’s still a fair amount of work to go, and the build we played was only a very early one. However, with that said, the team noted that its currently aiming for an end of summer release on the Oculus Quest store. Keep an eye out for more news to come.

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