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These Are the HTC Vive Titles Valve is Showcasing In Seattle

These Are the HTC Vive Titles Valve is Showcasing In Seattle

Valve has 12 rooms set up in Seattle to showcase content for HTC Vive with a dozen different VR experiences ready to go, all of which are expected to launch in 2016. In fact, all the titles below except Budget Cuts and Arizona Sunshine are expected to be launch titles for HTC Vive. Audioshield and Space Pirate Trainer appear to be previously unannounced games at the showcase.

Below are trailers or gameplay videos for 11 of the titles being shown, along with links to hands-on reports or recent stories we’ve done on the games. More information to come.

Space Pirate Trainer

First Look: Stand Your Ground With A Shield, Gun or Two of Each Against Wave After Wave Of Enemies

Fantastic Contraption

Q&A: Fantastic Contraption Developer Talks Inspiration
Watch: Mixed Reality Streaming Obliterates The Stigma of Antisocial VR

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

First Look: This Might Be The Most Challenging 18 Holes You’ll Play

Hover Junkers

Hands-on: An Ingenious Approach To The FPS Genre For Room Scale VR

Tilt Brush

Job Simulator: the 2050 archives

Arizona Sunshine

Final Approach

First Look: Become An Air Traffic Controller

Elite: Dangerous

Budget Cuts

Hands-on: ‘Portal’ Meets ‘Metal Gear Solid’ in this heart-pounding game

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed

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