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The Wizards: Enhanced Edition On PSVR Features A New Level, Releasing March 12th

The Wizards: Enhanced Edition On PSVR Features A New Level, Releasing March 12th

The Wizards finally has a firm release date for PSVR (not just a month) and it’s getting an upgrade. Now officially dubbed The Wizards: Enhanced Edition, Carbon Studios’ magical adventure is due out for PSVR utilizing two PS Move controllers on March 12th for $24.99 with a handful of improvements over its previously released PC VR version.

With the Enhanced Edition, players will be able to experience an “expanded” campaign by way of a brand new level, new mechanics, and a more optimized experience for PSVR users. In a PlayStation blog post, Carbon Studios Writer Anna Korczak Siwicka describes the new level as “the most expansive” one they’eve ever designed, which certainly bodes well for the quality of the new content.

Thankfully, the game will also feature checkpoints now rather than each level requiring you to play from start to finish. Oh and you can customize the color of your wizard gloves too, so there’s that.

Since fast-paced action games like The Wizards typically suffer a bit during the transition to PSVR (playing games like Skyrim VR, Borderlands 2 VR, and others is possible, but a bit of a chore) they’ve taken the time to implement a wide variety of control and comfort options too. You can do free movement or teleportation, adjust the speed, rotation, and comfort vignette, swap dominant hands, or even use aim assist.

We also got the chance to try out the game last year at Gamescom, with positive results, and even checked it out at CES using the 3DRudder foot controller which will be coming soon as well.

In the comment section of the PS Blog post, the developers also confirmed there will be PS4 Pro support in the form of increased resolution and antialiasing settings. You can check out The Wizards: Enhanced Edition on PSVR very soon on March 12th. Let us know what you think of the game down in the comments below!

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