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The Weeknd Music Pack DLC Available Now For Beat Saber

The Weeknd Music Pack DLC Available Now For Beat Saber

Yep, another Beat Saber DLC music pack is here, this time featuring 10 tracks from The Weeknd.

It’s a good time to be a Beat Saber fan, with the gap between new DLC releases seemingly getting shorter and shorter each time. Just a month after the release of the fantastic Lizzo DLC music pack in October, another pack is available from today featuring hits from across The Weeknd’s discography.

The full tracklist is as follows:

– Blinding Lights

– Can’t Feel My Face

– How Do I Make You Love Me?

– I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)

– Pray For Me (with Kendrick Lamar)

    – Sacrifice

    – Save Your Tears

    – Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)

    – Take My Breath

    – The Hills

    Meta and Beat Games also indicate that this DLC pack will be the first to feature “new lighting technology, with movable objects and lasers for more expressive and intricate lighting effects.” That new tech is on display in the custom Weeknd-themed environment that comes with the DLC. After trying out some of the new songs earlier this week, I can confirm that the new DLC environment is stunning and one of the best yet – the additional lighting effects make a really noticeable difference.

    So far, I’ve only tried out two of the new tracks: Blinding Lights and Can’t Feel My Face. Both were a lot of fun, but the former felt considerably less complex than the latter. On Expert difficulty, Blinding Lights doesn’t push the gameplay to new heights and feels fairly by-the-books in terms of mapping. Can’t Feel My Face on Expert is a different story – not hugely more challenging, but certainly more interesting with great use of varied mapping rhythms and patterns across the track.

    The Weeknd DLC music pack releases today for Beat Saber across all supported platforms, available as a bundle of 10 tracks for $12.99 or individually for $1.99.

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