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The Walking Dead: Our World Will Get New Missions After Each Season 9 Episode

The Walking Dead: Our World Will Get New Missions After Each Season 9 Episode

The Walking Dead: Our World, the location-based AR game that puts zombies into the world around you using your phone’s GPS and camera, is getting weekly mission content themed around Season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show. New missions will release after each new episode.

According to a press release from AMC and Next Games, the missions will go live immediately after episodes air on Monday nights, beginning next week on October 8th. After completing missions (which will vary from solo encounters to group encounters) players will be able to earn guaranteed rewards, such as characters from the show.

“The AMC Games team can’t wait for fans to see what lies in store for their favorite characters
when Season 9 of ‘The Walking Dead’ debuts this Sunday,” said Clayton Neuman, VP of Games for AMC in a prepared statement. “We’ve worked with Next Games to weave upcoming events from the show into the design of the game, giving our fans a unique new platform to interact with the ‘The Walking Dead’ universe. We will continue to innovate and add new content to expand The Walking Dead: Our World, and the upcoming Season 9 missions are a great next step.”

When we published our initial impressions of The Walking Dead AR back in July, we commended it for nailing a good balance between content that you can do from home versus content that requires actively seeking it out in the real world. The AR mode could use some work, but given the limitations of current technology it’s not bad. Especially since it automatically records footage for you to share.

Connecting the two universes together is a great move to keep fans of the show coming back to the game across the entire stretch of Season 9. We’d love to see more IPs promote across mediums like this.

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