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The VOID Debuts 'Nicodemus' Horror Experience

The VOID Debuts 'Nicodemus' Horror Experience

The VOID’s location in Las Vegas is selling tickets for their latest VR attraction — a haunting trip to a World’s Fair in the 1800s.

Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment is developed by The VOID and Ninja Theory. The VOID previously launched Ghostbusters and Star Wars experiences at a number of locations around the world while offering best-in-class immersive effects to enhance the walk-around VR experience. Nicodemus, though, looks to be a bit more intense.

The VOID’s website lists tickets at around $33 each for the experience in Las Vegas at The Venetian location starting Thursday, June 14. Up to four people can experience it together. Here’s the description of the narrative from The VOID’s website:

In the summer of 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition – aka the Chicago World’s Fair – was held on the south side of Chicago. Three days before the fair closed, a tragic demonstration in the Electro-Spiritualism Exhibit brought something terrible into our world.

Word spread that an unknown creature was luring guests down to an ‘Evanishment Room’ … from which they never returned. The attractions were quickly and quietly closed. Workmen refused to dismantle the exhibits as the fair died around it. Two months later on January 4th of 1894, strange lights were seen coming from the abandoned exhibit hall.

Through The VOID, travel back to that same night over a hundred and twenty years ago and the decaying Chicago World’s Fair. In groups of four, you will have your choice of six personas (avatars) through which you will discover frights, trials, and adventure around every corner. You will explore, touch and interact with the decaying ruins of the once-hopeful fair. Your goal is simple: explore the abandoned exhibits and don’t get caught by the demon… Nicodemus.

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