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The Twilight Zone VR Available Now On Quest 2

The Twilight Zone VR Available Now On Quest 2

The Twilight Zone VR is available now on Quest 2, with three unique stories to play through.

Developed by Pocket Money Games and published by Fun Train, The Twilight Zone VR was announced in November last year and launched yesterday for Quest 2 headsets after a steady drip of teaser content in the lead up to release, including some fantastic mixed reality trailers. We already knew each of the three launch stories would be penned by a different writer and offer completely different premises and environments, but we now have a few more specific story details for each:

Story 1: CHARACTER BUILDING – A video game director discovers that workplace cruelty is a dangerous game.

Story 2: TERROR FIRMA – After an environmental apocalypse, one survivor must face mysterious phantoms as he searches the city ruins for a glimmer of Hope.

Story 3: DEADLINE EARTH – The clock is ticking for a science fiction writer who finds himself captive on an insidious alien vessel.

Each sounds spooky and intriguing at the same time with a brief test play session confirming there’s pretty creepy elements right from the start, exactly in line with what you would expect from The Twilight Zone. We haven’t played enough yet to form more of an opinion, though, and we could only find smooth locomotion with snap or smooth turning in the system’s menu — so no teleport. There’s a vignetting setting that can help with comfort during movement by narrowing your view, and it is listed as “comfortable” on the Oculus Store as well, but you still might want to take care here if smooth locomotion is uncomfortable for you.

The Twilight Zone VR is available now for Quest 2— the original Quest headset is not supported.

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