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The Tempest Returns To The Under Presents For A Limited Time This Month

The Tempest Returns To The Under Presents For A Limited Time This Month

Tender Claws is bringing back its live-in-VR performances of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, presented in their VR experience The Under Presents.

The show’s first run began in July 2020, with $15 tickets providing access to a live retelling of the Shakespeare classic guided by an actor who joins you live in VR. Now, The Tempest returns to The Under Presents for a limited time with shows running each weekend in March.

Each session runs for 45 minutes and costs $14.99, which includes access to one scheduled performance of The Tempest and permanent access to The Under multiplayer space. The base application is available to download for free, with tickets to The Tempest available as an in-app purchase. Each show includes one live actor and 8 ticketed participants.

Sessions will be available between 5pm-8pm Pacific on Fridays and Saturdays, and between 10am-1pm on Sundays. While The Under Presents is available on both Quest and PC VR, access to The Tempest is exclusive to Rift and Quest via Oculus platforms.

Writing about a preview performance last year, Ian Hamilton said that The Under Presents’ version of The Tempest was “unlike anything else in virtual reality right now.” Each actor will have their own way of retelling the story and inviting participants to take part, so no two sessions of the show will be the same.

With access to the main app now available for free, users can also try out a 45-minute introduction to The Under Presents at no charge. Access to The Timeboat single player experience is then available as an in-app purchase as well, for $11.99.

The Under Presents’ performances of The Tempest run throughout March, with tickets available in-app now.

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