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The Light Brigade Releases February 22 For Quest 2, PSVR 2 & PC VR

The Light Brigade Releases February 22 For Quest 2, PSVR 2 & PC VR

The Light Brigade now has a confirmed release date of February 22 for Quest 2, PSVR 2 and PC VR.

It’s the latest project from Funktronic Labs (known for Cosmic Trip and Fujii), who announced a Q1 2023 release in November last year. Now we’ve got confirmation that the game will release simultaneously across three VR platforms on February 22, which is also launch day for PSVR 2.

The Light Brigade will see you mix physics-based gunplay with roguelike mechanics, themed around a classic battle of light versus dark. Here’s a snippet of what to expect, taken from the Quest Store listing:

The world remains in eternal darkness and only you can bring the dawn. Enlist in the ranks of The Light Brigade, humanity’s last line of defense. Journey through procedurally-generated battlegrounds as many times as it takes to free the souls of the fallen in this challenging roguelike shooter.

The description also notes you’ll become acquainted with various rifles, SMGs, pistols and machine guns (alongside other gun attachments and magic spells) as you traipse across procedurally-generated battlegrounds. You’ll loot enemies and treasure chests in the hopes of finding magic tarot cards that can be used to stack buffs and debuffs across a run. Plus, there’s also new character classes and playstyles to unlock, which should hopefully keep the gameplay fresh across multiple sessions.

The Light Brigade releases February 22 for Quest 2, Quest Pro, PSVR 2 and PC VR.

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