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VR Narrative Game The Last Worker Reveals New Trailer

VR Narrative Game The Last Worker Reveals New Trailer

A new trailer for VR narrative game The Last Worker debuted, giving us a closer look at some of the characters, story and gameplay.

The Last Worker, developed by Oiffy and Wolf & Wood, is set for release on Quest, SteamVR and flatscreen devices later this year. It’s a dystopian narrative VR game where you play as Kurt, a factory worker joined by his robotic companion stew, voiced by Jason Isaacs.

We got our first teaser last year, but it didn’t reveal a whole lot. This new trailer introduces us to the ‘Jüngle Fulfillment Centre’ and gives a closer look at some more gameplay.

We went hands-on with a 10-minute demo of The Last Worker back in September. Visually, it stunned us, but we were left with a few questions around what the actual gameplay will entail a bit further into the experience.

Here’s an excerpt from our hands-on:

The game has an assured confidence to its storytelling and a high level of production that feels rare in VR right now. For starters, it straight up looks better than most games I’ve played on Oculus Quest … even if that’s down to its handpainted art direction. It allows the teams to get far more out of the visuals than we’re used to seeing on Quest, from the exaggerated wrinkles lining Kurt’s forehead to the tiny details decorating his craft and making it feel like a real, lived-in vehicle.

Thankfully, this new trailer released today does give us a bit of a closer look at what to expect from the gameplay. You can see Kurt using a gravity gun-like device to pick up items and move them around, it looks like some environmental puzzles are on the cards.

The Last Worker releases this year for Quest, SteamVR and flatscreen devices. It is available to wishlist on Steam now.


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