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The Last Clockwinder Releases June 2 For Quest 2, SteamVR

The Last Clockwinder Releases June 2 For Quest 2, SteamVR

A release date is set for VR puzzle game, The Last Clockwinder.

The single-player puzzle game will release June 2 for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR via Steam.

The Last Clockwinder Release Date Revealed

There’s also a new release date trailer, embedded above, giving us a proper dive into the actual story and voice acting that will accompany the automation puzzle gameplay.

As we’ve seen in previous trailers, you’ll be solving puzzles by acting out actions to create a chain of automated robots performing tasks. Here’s a description from the developers:

The Last Clockwinder is a VR puzzle-automation game set in a cozy sci-fi world. Your mission is to repair the Clocktower, an ancient haven for the galaxy’s plants and seeds built into the trunk of a colossal tree. Use the Clockwinder’s gloves to turn every simple task into a looping clockwork automaton. These clones can do everything you can do, from planting to storing to passing items around.

Create an interconnected system out of your own clones. Grow plants, harvest resources, and work together to save the clocktower!

Just last month, we learned that developers Pontoco would be partnering with Cyan Ventures, the team behind seminal adventure game Myst, and Robot Teddy, for funding and publishing support. Now, we have a release date penned in for just over two weeks away.

The Oculus Store page for Quest and Steam Store page for PC VR are also both live now, so you can wishlist the game ahead of launch on your preferred platform.

According to the developers, we can expect the total playtime to last between four and six hours — a nice, manageable experience, then.

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