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Felix & Paul Location-Based VR Experience The Infinite Opening In Houston

Felix & Paul Location-Based VR Experience The Infinite Opening In Houston

The Infinite, an immersive VR exhibition about space and the International Space Station, will open in Houston this December. The exhibition is produced in partnership with Felix & Paul Studios, for which it acts as an extension of the studio’s Emmy Award-winning VR series, Space Explorers: The ISS Experience.

The exhibition is currently available in Montreal, Canada, where it will stay until it moves to Houston for a limited run from December 20, its United States debut. It is produced by Infinity Experiences, in a joint venture with PHI Studio and Felix & Paul Studios. You can watch the trailer for the exhibition’s current stint in Montreal above.

At 12,500 square feet, The Infinite’s trailer claims to be the largest virtual reality experience. It will last 60 minutes, during which you’ll be able to freely roam a life-scale replica of the International Space Station. The experience also includes new footage captured outside the International Space Station on September 12 this year, featuring the “first-ever cinematic spacewalk captured in 3D, 360° virtual reality.”

It’s not all virtual reality either — visitors can expect the 60-minute exhibition to include “interactivity between physical objects, virtual reality, multimedia art, soundscapes, light design, and even the subtle scents of a forest – evoking memories of stargazing while lying on the grass.”

PHI Studio Founder and Chief Creative Officer Phoebe Greenberg says the focus of the exhibition is on immersion and visitor freedom, and less so traditional museum artifects. “The Infinite experience is unlike any other exhibition examining space,” she said, in a prepared statement. “We took the approach to expansively underpin the visitor experience with exclusive content shot in virtual reality by Felix & Paul Studios aboard the ISS and did not center the exhibition around artifacts of space exploration.”

The Infinite begins its run at the Sawyer Yards in Houston, Texas from December 20.

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