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The Foglands Coming To Meta Quest 2 & PSVR 2 In 2023

The Foglands Coming To Meta Quest 2 & PSVR 2 In 2023

The Foglands is a “VR Dungeon Crawler Shooter” planned for all major VR headsets.

Revealed during February's State of Play presentation, Sony announced the game is coming to PSVR 2. Developed by Well Told Entertainment, you can see the atmosphere and storytelling teased in the trailer below. The developers say the Steam VR release timing is still to be announced but it’s coming to Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2 in 2023.

Over on Steam, the game’s description says you’ll play “as a Runner, heroes of a sparse community living underground. Adventure from the wrecks of long-dead technology to the undiscovered depths where you’ll run, jump, sneak, and fight your way through the fog.”

We’ll be curious to learn more about The Foglands as the game moves closer to release. The Foglands is clearly competing in a pretty busy genre, but we’ll be looking to see if the namesake fog or other mechanics are able to help the game stand out from the zombie horde.

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