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The Falconeer Takes Flight On PC VR Today

The Falconeer Takes Flight On PC VR Today

After experimenting with VR support, aerial combat game The Falconeer officially arrives on PC VR today.

Previously teased by creator Tomas Sala last December, this surprise update arrives for free if you own The Falconeer on Steam. Flying falcons across oceans from a third-person perspective, this new update doesn’t add a first-person mode, so VR gameplay hasn’t been drastically altered from the flatscreen release. That’s not surprising, as Sala previously advised such a switch would cause motion sickness, necessitating changes and rebalancing for the entire game. You can watch the reveal trailer below:

Set across the Great Ursee, The Falconeer explores a world controlled by the rich Imperial Houses, where you’ll play different factions as piracy begins to rise. Each chapter delves into the politics which rule this oceanic land, going between small outposts like Dunkle to larger houses. Choosing a rider and falcon, you’ll freely explore this open-world setting, taking on optional bounties or proceeding with its story by destroying enemy targets, accepting escort missions, gathering intel, and more.

The Falconeer arrives on PC VR today as a free update for existing owners on Steam, while the main game is currently 60% off at $7.99. Though The Falconeer also arrived on PS4 and PS5 last year, a PSVR or PSVR 2 release remains unconfirmed.


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