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The Events At Unity Farm Mixes Magic With Lovecraft Today On SteamVR

The Events At Unity Farm Steam screenshot

Mixing magic with Lovecraftian horror, The Events At Unity Farm arrives on Steam Early Access.

Developed by Titan1Studios, The Events At Unity Farm takes inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft's stories as well as '90s point-and-click adventures. Merging adventure, dark fantasy and "a dash of steampunk," this VR game focuses on Ruth Bowie, a shy teen descended from occult scientists. Sent back in time to prevent a disaster, you wield magic to defeat enemies and solve puzzles, upgrading your abilities as the game progresses.


Detailed in a Steam FAQ, the early access release includes 3-4 hours of story content, two boss battles, two mini-bosses, six locations and the first act for an Arena Mode. By full release, The Events At Unity Farm promises 10-12 hours for the story, four major bosses, eight mini-bosses, additional spells and combos, more locations and a significantly expanded Arena Mode.

Here's an official description:

Players must prevent the Multipocalypse by solving the mystery of what happened to a ghost girl named Alliss.  By using an ancestral journal that empowers physical magic casting, solving unique puzzles, and gathering materials to improve their skills, players will experience a fresh-take on Open-World VR that combines survival and RPG elements with shooter-style spell combat and pits you against a variety of souls-like creatures and persistent enemies in an ever-expanding story universe.

The Events at Unity Farm arrives today on SteamVR Early Access while the full release targets Q1 2025. A press release confirms a PSVR 2 edition is also planned. In the FAQ, Titan1Studios advised the early access version is available for a "special discounted price" but the game's full release price "will be moderately increased."

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