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The Climb 2 Confirmed, Coming 'Only' To Oculus Quest Platform

The Climb 2 Confirmed, Coming 'Only' To Oculus Quest Platform

During the Facebook Connect digital conference today The Climb 2 was revealed, a direct follow-up to Crytek’s The Climb. The original game was first released as an Oculus Rift exclusive, but has since been ported to Oculus Quest. 

Details are scarce on The Climb 2 at this time, but it’s definitely not a sequel we expected to see today. In the announcement trailer embedded above you’ll notice much more exotic locations than in the first game, such as a volcano in the background or a city full of skyscrapers similar to Dubai in the key art. They’ve certainly gone with a more striking, stylized visual identity this time.

According to the press release: “The thrill of rock climbing comes alive with The Climb 2–explore a new city setting and exhilarating new maps with breathtaking views. Ascend grand peaks, navigate vast caves, climb skyscrapers, and discover hidden shortcuts as you find your path to the top. Compete with friends and conquer leaderboards in asynchronous multiplayer modes. From exploring mountain environments to scaling urban settings, feel the rush of climbing without ropes, and experience breathtaking vistas as you scale new heights.”

The Climb 2 is exclusive to the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 with the trailer saying “only on the Oculus Quest platform” at the end in small print. You might think that because it says “Captured on PC” in the trailer for the Quest game it might come to PC at some point. We reached out to Facebook to clarify whether the game might ever come to PC VR or PSVR and a representative replied that The Climb 2 is a “Quest platform exclusive.”

After the Quest port of The Climb was originally announced all the way back at the Quest announcement during Oculus Connect in 2018, the game itself didn’t actually release until December 2019. Now, less than a year later, we’re already hearing news of a sequel. Although, it’s likely work began on this sequel prior to the first game’s port launching.

In The Climb you use your hands to ascend up perilous mountains across a variety of picturesque locales. In the PC VR version the breathtaking visuals are the highlight of the experience and despite the downgrade, it’s still quite captivating on the Quest version as well. Hopefully the XR2 chip inside the Quest 2 will help it deliver even more impressive visuals for the sequel.

What do you think about the surprise sequel announcement? It’s coming this holiday season exclusively to Oculus Quest. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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