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Watch the Thrilling Launch Trailer for 'The Assembly,' Releasing Today

Watch the Thrilling Launch Trailer for 'The Assembly,' Releasing Today

Today we’ve finally reached the point of no return for The Assembly, the atmospheric, narrative-focused adventure game from nDreams. Above, you can watch the thrilling and extremely well-crafted launch trailer that lays bare many of the games more trying and contemplative themes.

In our most recent extended hands-on preview of the game, we came away mostly impressed. The visuals are quite impressive, the world is incredibly immersive, and the intertwining narratives of the two main protagonists is a unique twist on the adventure game genre that feels like a breath of fresh air.

According to The Assembly’s Steam product page, players can expect the following:

A first-person interactive story for mature audiences, The Assembly is a long-form game designed from the ground up for VR. Play as two individuals and discover a morally challenging organisation from contrasting perspectives. Face trials, investigate the Assembly’s secret bunker and make tough decisions. But will your actions and their repercussions save lives… or lead to catastrophe?

The end of the game will result in multiple decisions that all have different endings, underscoring the importance of our actions and consequences not only in the game, but in life as well. nDreams has developed The Assembly to be the type of game that deploys a heavy sense of realism in terms of its storytelling, setting, and characters.

The Assembly has been in development for multiple years, so the game’s launch today is a landmark moment not only for nDreams, but for VR as well.

The Assembly is available today for the HTC Vive via Steam and the Oculus Rift via Steam and the Oculus Home store for $29.99; the PS VR version of the game will release later this year once the headset is available. There will also be a 2D, non-VR version of the game available on Steam as well. You can read our full review for The Assembly shortly, once the embargo lifts later this morning.

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