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'Tekken' and 'Robinson: The Journey' highlight new PSVR game trailers

'Tekken' and 'Robinson: The Journey' highlight new PSVR game trailers

Sony announced new games for PlayStation VR at Paris Games Week and showed new footage of previously announced titles, showing creepy moments from horror title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a breathtaking encounter with dinosaurs in Robinson: The Journey, tank battles from Battlezone and flying robot combat from RIGS.

Sony is also bringing two classic franchises into VR,  fighting game Tekken 7 and racing game Gran Turismo Sport. The video at the top of this post gives a good, if brief, look at how a number of VR apps for PlayStation VR might look inside a headset, including EVE Valkyrie, The London Heist, The Walk, Megaton Rainfall and Final Fantasy.

The company also released individual trailers for some of the games, embedded below, but didn’t announce release dates and those videos only give the faintest ideas how these widely varying games will operate in VR. With Robinson: The Journey in particular, the footage looks incredibly gorgeous but almost too good to be rendered live, let alone what will be visible in a VR headset.

After seeing footage of all these games, even if it was brief, I’m much more excited for PlayStation VR. It’s clear Sony’s long-in-the-works plan to turn PlayStation 4 into a great VR system is finally coming together and Gran Turismo Sport, RIGS, Battlezone and EVE Valkyrie are shaping up as games that might be able to occupy players in VR for long periods of time. Developers undoubtedly have more in store for the console but there are lots of unanswered questions too, not the least of which are release dates and prices.

As a reminder, we still don’t have firm prices or release dates from any of the major players prepping wired VR headsets so figuring out which platform is going to offer the best VR experiences in 2016 is not yet possible.

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