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Technolust Gets Oculus Touch Support Making the Cyberpunk Dystopia More Immersive Than Ever

Technolust Gets Oculus Touch Support Making the Cyberpunk Dystopia More Immersive Than Ever

How do you make an already great game even better? Simple: You add Oculus Touch motion controller support, expand the ending with more possibilities, add a dense mini game, and incorporate brand new gameplay and storytelling elements. Instead of just packing in more content for the sake of it, this Technolust [Review: 8/10] update feels more like a free content expansion than a minor patch — and it’s a very good one at that.

When we first revealed that IRIS VR was working on a new Touch update for Technolust, details were sparse. The teaser trailer (included below) showed the player controlling a pair of green, neon hands, riding a motorcycle, and doing other activities that were clearly not in the core game. Since then we’ve learned more about what’s actually included and that it’s new name is now Technolust Extended Format.

“The expansion not only adds support for Oculus Touch but extends the original story with an entirely new questline allowing players to jack-in to the games digital inhabitants and experience their recent memories,” explains Blair Renaud, CEO of developer IRIS VR. “A mysterious new location (called the Wreckshop) has opened up across the street from your apartment. It’s owner (a being known as Halfjack) has a gift for you. A new protocol that allows you to re-live the memories of androids by jacking into a port located near the base of their necks. All he asks in return is that you share what you find. You must unravel a mystery and learn the secrets of the analog and the digital. The game now includes alternate endings, a new fast paced Road Rash inspired mini-game where you bash, throw and shoot enemies, new collectables, achievements, new tracks and much more.”

Adding Touch support is a great way of keeping adventure games alive and relevant in the age of VR and motion controllers. It can elevate existing games like The Assembly [Review: 7/10] but isn’t always enough by itself if the core experience isn’t compelling, such as with Loading Human: Chapter 1 [Review: 4/10].

Have you tried the new Technolust Extended Format update? You can download it on Oculus Home right here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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