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Tarzan VR Mixed Reality Trailer Shows Vine-Swinging Gameplay

Tarzan VR Mixed Reality Trailer Shows Vine-Swinging Gameplay

The upcoming single-player Tarzan VR game is shaping up to be an action-packed journey through the jungle if the latest trailer is anything to judge it by.

Publisher Fun Train and developer Stonepunk Studios debuted the new mixed reality trailer this week put together by Splitverse. The video showcases some of the game mechanics that’ll be used in the official Tarzan VR title, which has planned support for PSVR, Index, Vive, Rift and Rift S.

The game will feature swinging, swimming and fighting with different weapons as well as Tarzan’s skills like “Call of the Wild” and “Earth Vision.” According to the developers, the plan is to release the game episodically in three “issues”. Here’s the description provided for each of those:

Issue 1 – The Great Ape: Jane has been abducted by a group of invaders, and Tarzan must seek the wisdom of The Great Ape in order to find the trail of her mysterious captors. Features The Mighty Axe.

Issue 2 – Jagged Edge: Tarzan begins his pursuit of Jane’s captors and must make his way across the dangerous Cliffs of Kombatu where one misstep leads to certain doom. Features the Slingshot.

Issue 3 – The Dead of Night: As night draws in, the jungle swamp poses all manner of hidden dangers. Only the strange fruit found in the heart of the Valley of Eden can save the life of Tarzan’s true love. Features The Long Bow.

Tarzan VR is planned for release late this year. We’ll have more updates for you on the game as soon as we have a closer look at it.

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