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Takenoko For Tilt Five AR Coming Soon To Steam

Takenoko For Tilt Five AR Coming Soon To Steam

Tilt Five is publishing an AR version of board game Takenoko later this month.

There’s a coming soon page for the game on Steam with Takenoko set to become the first officially published title from Tilt Five for its AR glasses system. Based on the 2011 board game of the same name, Takenoko – Tilt Five AR is coming to Steam by way of a partnership with Twin Sails Interactive and Blazing Griffin. According to the official description on Steam, gardeners “in imperial Japan have been tasked to see who is worthy of caring for the sacred panda. Cultivate your plots, grow bamboo, and complete objectives in this holographic adaption of the award-winning board game”.

The video below shows a sneak peek at the project:

We’ve been thoroughly impressed by the Tilt Five AR glasses which provide comfortable and convincing depth across a board included with the kit, and we briefly tried Takenoko at the start of the year at CES in Las Vegas. Tilt Five’s CEO Jeri Ellsworth demonstrated how easily you can learn a game like this in a multiplayer Tilt Five AR session with multiple pairs of glasses running from a single PC.

“Players can enjoy this immersive version of Takenoko together around the table, remotely with other players around the world, or solo against classic AI opponents,” according to Tilt Five.

Tilt Five previously announced the popular game Catan is on the way to Tilt Five as well. In recent weeks the startup has been working to catch up on pre-orders. Tilt Five sells a glasses 2-pack for just over $700 after tax.

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