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Table of Tales Coming To Quest 2 This Week With Hand Tracking

Table of Tales Coming To Quest 2 This Week With Hand Tracking

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown is coming to Quest 2 headsets this week after originally launching for PSVR in 2019 and PC VR last year.

Tables of tales quest 2

Table of Tales — a PSVR exclusive at launch — simulates a tabletop RPG in VR, not dissimilar to something like Demeo. However, while Demeo is focused on multiplayer and cooperative gameplay, you’ll be going at it alone in Table of Tales. It’s a world that mixes magic with pirates and features a mechanical talking bird who acts as a fully-voiced Dungeon Master through the game.

You’ll control a part of four ‘scoundrels’ through a story that can be replayed with different decisions and options. Each scoundrel has a separate upgrade path and there’s over 40 different types of enemies to face off against in turn-based combat.

Interestingly, the description on the Quest store confirms that this release will support hand tracking — “Use controllers or your hands to interact with the figurines and cards.” There’s no other details on that so far, so we’ll have to wait until release to see how it performs.

Tables of tales quest 2

The store listing only shows Quest 2 support for now, so original Quest owners won’t be able to jump into this one. It’s marked as ‘Coming Soon’, but developers Tin Man Games confirmed to UploadVR that Table of Tales will launch on July 14 — just a few days away!

If you want to learn more about the game before it launches on Quest 2, check out our review of the PSVR version from 2019, where we gave it a 7/10 on our old 10-point rating system.

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