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Synth Riders Drops A Free Spooky Update In Time For Halloween

Synth Riders Drops A Free Spooky Update In Time For Halloween

A new Synth Riders update is available now, celebrating Halloween with a free song and spooky-themed decals.

Following last month’s League of Legends music pack, Synth Riders is back once again with another free update. Celebrating Halloween early, this update adds a new free song, Riot by Dance With The Dead, to the Synthwave Essentials collection. According to developers Kluge Interactive, this track brings an “intense blend of guitars and Synthwave EDM,” which you can see in action below.

That’s not all though – new Halloween-themed decals are now available in solo mode and multiplayer, alongside two weeks of “spooktacular challenges.” that Kluge says will see the game “challenging you daily to play your ‘spookiest’ music from the Synth Riders soundtrack.”  Finally, this update adds a Halloween aesthetic to Spin City, though you can disable this by entering the visual settings menu.

This spooky update marks the latest offering in Kluge’s consistent post-launch support for Synth Riders over the years. Alongside multiplayer, performance updates like 120Hz support, and ports to new platforms, we’ve had plenty of additional stages and new songs too. Between violinist Lindsey Stirling’s music pack, the punk-themed ‘Adrenaline’ pack, collaborations with OhShape and more,  Synth Riders has made loads of new tracks available for free or as paid DLC over the last couple of years. 

The free Synth Riders spooky update is out now for all existing owners, available on the Meta Quest platform, PSVR, Steam and Viveport. Otherwise, you can pick up Synth Riders on each platform for $24.99.

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