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Synth Riders Now Available On PSVR, 20% Launch Discount With PS+

Synth Riders Now Available On PSVR, 20% Launch Discount With PS+

After a long wait, Synth Riders is now available for PlayStation VR, with a special launch discount of 20% for those who are subscribed to PS+.

The game first released for PC VR in 2018, before making its way over to Oculus Quest in 2019. There’s also been a considerable and consistent amount of new content added to the game over time.

So while the PSVR release has been a long time coming, it also benefits from a now-huge selection of both paid and free content made available across other platforms in the years following launch. The base game itself includes 55 tracks, and there are another 22 available to purchase as DLC. Those DLC selections also include tracks by artists such as The Offspring and Muse, as part of the Adrenaline and Essential 2 DLC packs.

We got our first look at PSVR gameplay at the beginning of the month, embedded below, which features one of Muse’s tracks, Algorithm.

Earlier this month, Synth Riders development studio Kluge Interactive said that they were happy with the results after porting the game over to PSVR and making some adjustments to bring gameplay in line with the platform’s restrictions. “We have worked with some of our top players to ensure that they can “max out” songs even on the highest difficulty level,” said the studio in a prepared statement. “This is also possible while playing the game with a Spin Mode, which on PlayStation VR is limited to a 90° angle, still just as fun as on other platforms!”

To ensure you’re getting the best experience possible, Kluge suggests you have ample and appropriate playspace and recommends checking out a PSVR tracking guide created by Owlchemy Labs.

Synth Riders is available on PSVR now for $24.99, with an extra 20% if you’re subscribed to PS+. 

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