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Muse Songs Now Available In Synth Riders

Muse Songs Now Available In Synth Riders

The developers behind Synth Riders revealed a brand new update and announced that songs from the popular English rock band Muse will be coming to the game in its upcoming third music pack.

Update 01/14/21: The Essential 2 DLC is available, featuring the following tracks: 

  • “Algorithm” (Alternate Reality Version) – Muse
  • “The Dark Side” – Muse
  • “Running In The Night” – FM-84 & Ollie Wride
  • “Days of Thunder” – The Midnight
  • “Tech Noir” (Carpenter Brut Remix) – Gunship

There’s also three new free tracks, including:

  • Abyss” (Gancher & Ruin Remix) – 3FORCE (feat. Scandroid)
  • “Empire of Steel” (MASKED Remix) – Essenger (feat. Scandroid)
  • “Automatic Call” – NINA

The original story from 12/16/20 and a new trailer is below.

The Muse announcement comes alongside the new Power-Ups update, available now across all platforms, which adds new features to the rhythm game’s multiplayer mode. The developers describe power-ups as “kart racer-style boosts and attacks that you can use against other players to turn the tide of the battle.” There’s 9 different power-ups, each with their own effects — the ‘warp’ effect will speed up notes to an impossible speed, for example, while the “embiggen” power-up will turn them all into beach balls.

You can see some of those power-ups in action in the new mixed reality trailer, embedded below.

As the power-ups are designed to affect other players, they’re a multiplayer-exclusive feature.

However, perhaps the bigger news is the announcement of the “Synthwave Essentials 2” music pack. This will be the game’s third music pack and will feature tracks from English rock band Muse. The music pack will be available early next year on January 14.

While no specific tracks were announced yet, if we had to guess, we think we might see some songs from the band’s latest album, Simulation Theory, which came out in 2018. The album had a science-fiction aesthetic and sound to it, incorporating 80s synthesizers and influences from 80s pop culture. Those tracks would probably be a perfect fit for Synth Riders.

The Power-Ups update is available for Synth Riders now and the Synthwave Essentials 2 pack featuring Muse will release January 14.

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