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Synth Riders Running Free Weekend On Steam From Today

Synth Riders Running Free Weekend On Steam From Today

Synth Riders is available to play for free this weekend on Steam for PC VR.

The free weekend has started already and runs until Sunday at 1pm PT. Importantly, this promotion only lets you download and play the game for free until Sunday — unlike some promos, this isn’t an opportunity to redeem a free copy of the game to keep forever.

Once it hits 1pm on Sunday, if you’re enjoying the game then you will have to buy it to keep playing. However, until then, you have unlimited access to the entire game. This includes 56 songs, custom song support and even the multiplayer portions of the game as well.

The good news is that if you’re enjoying the game and do want to purchase it to keep, then it will be 45% off until January 28 on Steam. This brings the price down to around $14 USD.

While the main game sports a hefty selections of tracks, Synth Riders has also put out a variety of paid DLC packs over the last few years. Most prominent is the Muse Music Pack & Experience, which features five Muse tracks and a special visual experience accompanying Starlight.

The game is considered a veteran VR rhythm title, first launching on PC VR and then making its way over to Oculus Quest and PSVR. We listed it alongside Beat Saber, Unplugged and more as one of our best picks for music and rhythm games.

Synth Riders’ free weekend is available on Steam now, with a 45% discount running until January 28. The game is also available at full price on Oculus Quest and PSVR.

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