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Sword Reverie Is A JRPG-Inspired VR Action Game Coming This Year For PC VR

Sword Reverie Is A JRPG-Inspired VR Action Game Coming This Year For PC VR

Sword Reverie is an upcoming JRPG-inspired action VR game from Isekai Entertainment with a hand-drawn anime visual style. Other inspirations include The Legend of Zelda and Ni No Kuni.

In the outreach email we received from Isekai Entertainment, combat mechanics were described as being similar to Gorn in an attempt to make you feel like Cloud from Final Fantasy VII or Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Visually, the inspiration from Sword Art Online is clear. However, as far as we can tell, this is a single-player offline VR action game, not an online RPG like Nostos or MMO like OrbusVR. It is an open world game with various biomes, dungeons, and areas to explore.

To get a look at what playing Sword Reverie is like, you can watch this (admittedly rough) gameplay video from November 2019. It’s narrated with details on the game’s structure and flow and featured three minutes of gameplay footage featuring lots of exploration and a bit of combat.

On the main website, the game’s story is described as follows:

After a thousand years of peace, the boiling tensions between the “kingdom of man” and the elemental lords continue to escalate. Seeing that the threat of a catastrophic war is imminent, the Guardian Magnus uses his powers to summon you the “Hero” to his realm, to become his new apprentice.
The Guardian explains to you, that he believes the Elemental lords have grown too powerful and as legend goes, only a “true hero” from a faraway land, can bring balance, peace, and prosperity to all the realms.

Visually you might be remembered of Nostos, which is an online VR survival RPG that promised a lot in its cinematic debut trailer then mostly under-delivered. While Sword Reverie has a similar quality bar for its concept art, the in-game art assets look to be noticeably less sharp. That being said, from what we’ve seen this does appear to be made for VR headsets only, which should mean a better attention to detail in its gameplay design.

For more details check out the official Sword Reverie website and visit the dev blog for a behind the scenes look at the game. And, keep an eye on UploadVR next week for more on the upcoming game.

Sword Reverie is due out this year for PC VR headsets.

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