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The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Horde Mode Is Live On PSVR 2

Switchback VR

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR now has a free 'Horde Mode'.

Released in March as a PSVR 2 launch window game, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR just received its second major update following July's visual fixes. Detailed on its PlayStation Store listing, the Horde Mode introduces "extreme G rollercoaster drops" and progressively harder rooms. Shooting multiple headshots also unlocks the game's most powerful gun for your next run.

Detailed on its PlayStation Store listing, here's the full description:

New horde mode! Will you survive the rooms of doom? On this sinister horror rollercoaster, you are being dragged right back down to hell - you’ll be confronted by swarms of enemies in this new nightmarish mode, complete each room to get increasingly harder enemies and survive attacks from all manner of hideous apparitions straight from the depths of the hell.

A spiritual successor to 2016 PSVR exclusive Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, we enjoyed Supermassive's latest VR game in our Switchback VR review, calling it a "mostly engaging horror shooter from start to end." We didn't experience the visual issues noted by others at launch, though these problems were eventually patched. That update also added eye-tracked foveated rendering support, reduced loading times and further enhancements.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is available now exclusively on PSVR 2.

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