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Sweet Surrender Update Adds New Classes, Weapons, Animations & More

Sweet Surrender Update Adds New Classes, Weapons, Animations & More

The latest update for VR roguelite Sweet Surrender adds a bunch of new content, including weapons, classes, overhauled animations and core system improvements.

Sweet Surrender released towards the end of last year for Quest and PC VR, delivering a single player FPS roguelite with randomized dungeons and enemies. In our review, we found that its “moreish difficulty, enjoyable arcade gameplay and hypnotic visual and audio flair make for a rock-solid roguelite,” while also leaving a lot of room to grow.

Indeed, developer Salmi Games did promise extensive free updates after launch and the latest, Update 5, might be one of the biggest yet.

The update actually launched almost a month ago now, but we missed it at the time. Nonetheless, it’s worth covering, as it adds a whole lot of stuff to the game.

There’s two new classes, the Grenadier and the Lunatic. As you might have guessed, the Grenadier focuses on dealing, upgrading and unlocking explosive damage capabilities. Completing runs with the Lunatic, however, will “pose a significantly greater challenge” and is “a rebel whose ferociousness and unpredictability has led the robots to mark them as a high priority target.”

Two new weapons are also brought into the fray — the sawed-off shotgun and the tier 1 grenade launcher. Plus, weapon animations have been reworked for almost every weapon in the game, with “improved hand positioning, new firing and reload animations.” The guns will look more animated and feel more interactive than ever — you can see for yourself in the trailer embedded above.

Developer Salmi Games also noted that the update includes “cleanups and improvements of [the game’s] core systems”, which includes quality of life fixes, loading time improvements and general efficiency changes. Salmi says these changes will allow the studio to be “even more efficient” with future development and updates.

You can read more details on the update changes here and our full review of Sweet Surrender from last year here. 

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