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Battlewake High-Seas Combat Game From Survios Releases This Summer

Battlewake High-Seas Combat Game From Survios Releases This Summer

Survios revealed high-seas pirate combat game Battlewake with plans to release it this summer.

Survios is the studio behind Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Electronauts and Creed: Rise to Glory — a range of titles that do a great deal to embody players in a range of both single and multiplayer game modes. Battlewake will continue that legacy on open waters as players become “a mythical Pirate Lord” to “captain a massive battle-ready ship and wield ancient magics.” You can unleash a Kraken, among other abilities.

Survios says there is also a 20-chapter story “to discover an ancient seat of power” in either solo or co-op Campaign mode. There is also an objective-based Warfare mode as well as PvP deathmatch. You can earn gold in matches and spend it to upgrade the ship. Players can use a total of 13 ship-based weapons, according to Survios.

Survios is well-versed in a range of locomotion and game mechanics across its VR titles and they are promoting an experience here that won’t trigger nausea while still making the player feel like they are commanding a large ship across the seas. Survios VR games are often a good fit for arcades and that seems to be true for Battlwake as well as the company is planning an arcade version for up to 10 players.

Players interested in the game can enter their information on Survios’ Battlewake website for a chance to get into the beta. The studio isn’t revealing which VR platforms it is targeting for the release of the game at home just yet.

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