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'Supernatural' Coming To Oculus Quest This Month For VR Workouts

'Supernatural' Coming To Oculus Quest This Month For VR Workouts

Supernatural from startup Within looks to be a bit like Beat Saber meets OhShape and BoxVR, with subscription pricing and a solid focus on getting you fit in an Oculus Quest.

The title was just announced by Oculus and Within with a launch planned for April 23. The software will be priced at an “introductory rate” of $20 per month with a free trial, according to the announcement post. It includes a mobile app for your phone and can pair with an Apple Watch to track heart rate during your exercises.

In the trailer above you can see how it makes use of the wireless freedom of Oculus quest with the software telling you when to turn your body 90 degrees to hit targets coming from the sides.

“We had the choice of doing a discrete one-time fixed price download with a locked amount of workouts, that would allow you to add more workouts and songs through DLC packs,” Within Founder & CEO Chris Milk explained in the Oculus blog post. “That works well for games but didn’t feel like the best approach for a fitness system, particularly given one of the big things we are solving for is helping people find, stick with, and ultimately love their exercise program.”

According to the blog post, the maps calibrate “to your personal range of motion” so targets, lunges, and squats should adjust “based on how your body is comfortable moving.” The title also includes “expert coaching from real-world trainers” and is said to include music from popular artists.

We’ll have hands-on impressions and thoughts for you about Supernatural when it launches later this month.


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