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Supernatural Update Makes It Easier To Find The Right Workout

Supernatural Update Makes It Easier To Find The Right Workout

Fitness subscription service Supernatural is getting an update today that overhauls its menu system for quicker navigation to the kinds of workouts you want.

The update is focused around new carousels in the menu system to navigate the library of 500+ workouts in the app. There’s new collections that highlight trending workouts that are popular, workouts that target specific muscle groups, dance workouts, as well as the “Monster Marathon” that groups together Supernatural’s longest workouts into a single list for folks that have the time to push themselves pretty far.

The trailer below showcases some of the new features:


“Everyone’s fitness journey is unique. You might have a specific taste in music, a specific coach you connect with, or a level of intensity that matches your goals for the day. With Supernatural 3.0, we’ve made it even easier to find the perfect workouts for you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. This makes staying consistent with your fitness routine that much more fun, joyful and satisfying,” said Leanne Pedante, Supernatural’s Head of Fitness, in a prepared statement.

We recently sat down with Pedante in our virtual studio for an interview discussing a wide range of fitness-related topics. She shared her top tip for how to keep up with your workouts, how she records her audio guidance for members while doing the workouts herself, and talked about the future of VR-based fitness.

​​You can find Supernatural on the Oculus Quest store and can get started with a free trial on its website.

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