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Supernatural For Oculus Quest Adds Workout Family Plans

Supernatural For Oculus Quest Adds Workout Family Plans

Oculus Quest workout app Supernatural now offers family plans so that sharing the same headset is easier while tracking the progress for each player.

The feature doesn’t extend to multiple Quests and it won’t wipe away the sweat for you between uses, but the feature may help some families stay fit together.

Supernatural is the Beat Saber-like workout app from Within that’s built from the ground up for the wireless freedom of Quest. The app features a deep music catalog with a number of popular artists and songs arranged into workouts with fitness coaches providing guidance. Every song makes use of 360-degree freedom, asking you to turn toward different lanes to bat away targets. The design is also meant to be fairly intelligent as it calibrates to each user — so the new family plan allows for quickly switching profiles so that “everyone gets their own personal workout history, calibration, community profile and more for a completely unique and personalized Supernatural experience,” according to Within.

Supernatural is priced $19 per month to become a member and there’s an annual membership priced to $179 as of this writing. The subscription also comes with a 30-day free trial and, when you sign up, Within is still sending out silicone liners (one per subscription) to protect the headset from sweat.

Earlier this year we discussed whether the pricing is worth it and there’s a lot to consider depending on what your goals are and how the service might fit into your life. You can read that breakdown here or check out the discussion in the video below.

Does the addition of family plans to Supernatural change the math for any of you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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