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Supermassive Working On Switchback PSVR 2 “Graphical Issues”

Supermassive Working On Switchback PSVR 2 “Graphical Issues”

In light of reports of “graphical issues” from Switchback VR players, Supermassive Games put out a tweet confirming the studio is working to improve the PSVR 2 exclusive, which released last week.

The tweet confirmed that the studio has “seen and heard the feedback from that some players are experiencing graphical issues” while playing Switchback VR. Supermassive says it has been “investigating the issues raised as a matter of urgency” and that “a potential cause of the reported blurring has been identified, with other issues still undergoing testing and reproduction.”

There aren’t any further specifics describing the reported graphical issues in the tweet (beyond the mention of “blurriness”), but the studio encouraged players to report issues via its Zendesk support portal. The studio said it would communicate further once more information is available.

I enjoyed Switchback VR in my review last week, noting that it blended arcade and horror elements together into a short, enjoyable PSVR 2-exclusive experience. I did note that it wasn’t the most visually impressive PSVR 2 game I’ve tried, with quite a bit of pop-in and textures that visibly resolve from low to high quality mid-game.

That said, I also didn’t experience large-scale “blurriness” issues during my time with the game. The menus are certainly not crisp in terms of resolution and there are points where the gameplay doesn’t look overly high fidelity. Even with room for improvement, the visuals never hampered my enjoyment of the core experience.

We reached out to Supermassive Games to clarify more details on the exact nature of the “reported issues” beyond the blurriness. The game currently does not appear to use eye-tracked foveated rendering, a point on which we also sought confirmation from Supermassive. The studio responded that it has no further details to share at this time.

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