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Superhot Dev Continuing To Experiment With VR, But New Game Skips Support

Superhot Dev Continuing To Experiment With VR, But New Game Skips Support

The Superhot Team indicated that there are ‘no plans’ for a VR version of their upcoming new entry in the Superhot franchise, Mind Control Delete, set to release on PC, Xbox and PS4 on July 16. However, the team isn’t ruling out another VR title in the future.

Mind Control Delete is described as a game “built on the foundations of Superhot and Superhot VR” which promises a bigger campaign, more mechanics and more skills than previous games. Even better, owners of the original Superhot game (who bought it before July 16, 2020) will receive a copy of Mind Control Delete in their library automatically upon release. Mind Control Delete has already been available in Early Access for a while, but the team says it has “rebooted and redesigned core parts of the game a half dozen times” since then, resulting in a “better, sharper, bigger” game.

It’s bad news for those hoping for VR support though — on Twitter the team was adamant that there are ‘no plans for VR’ with Mind Control Delete at the moment.

Likely due to the popularity of the VR version of the original game, the Mind Control Delete Steam page even has a whole section of the description dedicated to whether it supports VR (or if it will in the future):

MCD is a regular, non-VR title. It’s designed for conventional screens and longer play sessions. If you played and enjoyed SUPERHOT VR, you’ll have a blast playing the original SUPERHOT and MCD as well.

Just like making SUPERHOT VR required making an entirely new game with new mechanics, new levels, and a new story, so would our next VR game differ from MCD and everything else we’ve done so far. We’re always working on new things, but great things take time to build. It may be a long time before we’re happy with the next great VR thing to show you.

That makes it sound like there could be another Superhot VR game in development. We reached out to the team’s Callum Underwood, who clarified that the developer is always experimenting with VR, but has no new official product to confirm right now. “We are definitely playing with cool stuff in VR but are never sure if they will end up being products or just experiments,” he said.

While there may not be a VR version of Mind Control Delete on the horizon at the moment, we look forward to seeing what the team has in store for VR in the future.

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