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Sun Shard Brings Monster Slashing Action To Quest

Sun Shard Brings Monster Slashing Action To Quest

We’ve seen some huge strides in the physics-based combat department from PC VR titles like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Boneworks, but Sun Shard is a new game aiming to bring some of that same style of combat to the standalone Oculus Quest system.

Developed by Soaring Roc Studio, Sun Shard is a physics-based monster slaying game that will launch this year for PC VR and Oculus Quest. It has been in development for a number of months now, but we just debuted a brand new trailer for the game in the UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition, embedded below.

In Sun Shard, you’ll face off against a number of enemies and monsters, each of which use a physics-based system for interactions. Every part of each monster has its own weight, meaning that the model will move and be affected in different ways depending on how you approach and strike it with your weapon. You can view a demo of that system in a short video on Twitter from last year, which shows a werewolf-like (or goblin?) creature being held up by its arm with one weapon, allowing the player to decapitated with the other.

Getting this kind of physics-system to run on the Quest is an impressive feat. Initially the developers made a tech demo called Dawn just to act as a testbed for the system before it was integrated into Sun Shard, but now it’s full steam ahead on development of the main game.

We haven’t got an exact release date for Sun Shard just yet, but you can expect it to launch on the Oculus Quest and PC VR systems at some point later this year.

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