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StrikerVR Raises $4 Million For Haptic Gun Accessory For Consumer VR

StrikerVR Raises $4 Million For Haptic Gun Accessory For Consumer VR

StrikerVR says it raised $4 million in a strategic funding round and plans to “bring its soon to be announced consumer product to market with a variety of content later this year.”

The New Orleans-based company previously provided its haptic gun-like accessories to location-based VR setups and plans to use the money to transition to the consumer market. A representative of the company said StrikerVR would provide details on the investment “at a later date,” declining at this time to say who provided the funding. StrikerVR plans to double its staff in the next year and support a range of headsets with the consumer version of its VR accessory.

“We are intending on connecting to many headsets,” the representative wrote in response to a question about whether the device would support Oculus Quest.

StrikerVR’s designs include a modular tracking insert that allows for controller mounting options “as well as fully integrated options and upgrades as tracking advances.” We’ll be curious to see how StrikerVR approaches the consumer market, and in particular the strategy relative to Facebook’s efforts to break VR into mainstream acceptance. Oculus Quest and Quest 2 can connect to some bluetooth accessories and a controller mount is a common way to sync the location of VR accessories.

”The company’s mission has always been to experiment in LBE, then move products from LBE to the consumer once proven,” a press release from StrikerVR states. “This funding round enables the first of those transitions – which, according to the founders, will bring the most haptic filled gaming peripheral ever created to the rapidly growing consumer VR market.”

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