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Stride Sprints Onto The Oculus Quest Store This August

Stride Sprints Onto The Oculus Quest Store This August

Mirror’s Edge-inspired free-running game Stride is coming to the Oculus Quest store in August.

The game from Joy Way was accepted onto the Oculus Quest store by Facebook earlier this year and now the developers say it’ll officially release there on August 5. Stride launched first on Steam in early access last year and then entered a beta testing period on Quest while awaiting approval for store release. PlayStation VR should get the game later this year.

You can check out a preview video we put together last year showing why Stride is pretty much the VR realization of incredible 2008 parkour game Mirror’s Edge:

There’s a multiplayer mode for the game in early testing on PC but there’s no mention of that for the Quest version just yet. You can wishlist Stride on Oculus Quest now with the description for the game mentioning the following three modes included at release:

-Endless mode. Infinite level generation provides unlimited challenging terrain.

-Arena mode. A spacious varied-terrain arena with waves of enemies. Perfect for practicing tricks and refining your shooting skills.

-Time Run mode. Test your parkour-at-speed skills in a race against the clock.

The developers released the video embedded in the tweet below with footage said to be captured on Oculus Quest 2.

We expected Stride to be a perfect fit for Oculus Quest’s wireless freedom and we can’t wait to give the full game a try on the platform.

Will you be playing Stride when it releases for Quest? Let us know in the comments below.

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