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Free-Running Game Stride Coming To The Oculus Quest Store

Free-Running Game Stride Coming To The Oculus Quest Store

Joy Way, the developers of Mirror’s Edge-inspired free-running game Stride, say their concept has been accepted to the Oculus Quest Store.

Stride recently held a beta test on Oculus Quest and the studio is offering a sign up for additional beta tests, though it does come with a non-disclosure agreement.

The studio noted in a tweet “we still need to work out some details with the Oculus team as we get closer to finishing up the Quest port.” Facebook tightly curates the content it releases on the Oculus Quest store and typically requires developers submit a concept pitch early in the development process so developers can be confident that they’ll be able to get a spot in the release schedule.

While Facebook recently launched App Lab as another avenue to get continue in front of Quest owners, and a large segment of developers on the platform have cleared $1 million in revenue, we’ve heard from developers that the release schedule has been packed into 2022. So we’ll be curious to hear from Joy Way how those details work out. The game is in early access on Steam with very positive reviews and the developers recently delayed the PSVR version until late 2021.

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