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'High Possibility' Stress Level Zero Games Will Release On PSVR2

'High Possibility' Stress Level Zero Games Will Release On PSVR2

Stress Level Zero has given another indication that the studio will release games on Sony’s upcoming PSVR2 system.

Developer Brandon J Laatsch responded “high possibility” to a tweet asking him about “the possibilities of SLZ [Stress Level Zero] games appearing on PSVR2.”

This isn’t the first time that Stress Level Zero has indicated it plans to support PSVR2 — back in March 2021, Laatsch said there was a “90% chance” that the studio would support Sony’s next generation VR controllers after they were announced. Likewise, Laatsch indicated that one of the studio’s upcoming projects would release on “Quest 2 and PC VR” with a “decent chance” of PSVR 2. 

We know that Stress Level Zero is working on multiple projects, but we have very little info on the specifics of each or even how many projects are in development. The studio promised more news in 2021, but that year came and went without any significant updates. Here’s to hoping we learn more this year.

With Sony officially announcing PSVR 2 specifications at CES this year, Stress Level Zero will have multiple release avenues for future products. With the increased power of the PS5 and the upgraded specs of PSVR2, previous Stress Level Zero projects — like Boneworks — might even find new life on the PSVR platform, which it forwent during the game’s original launch.

PSVR 2 will feature a 4K HDR display, 110-degree field of view and foveated rendering, alongside some fun bonuses like the new Sense controllers, in-headset vibration feedback and eye tracking. You can read the full spec list here.

Would you like to see Boneworks on PSVR 2, or are you looking forward to playing new games from Stress Level Zero? Let us know in the comments.

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