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Cosmic Platformer Straylight Coming To Quest, PC VR, PSVR In Q3 2021

Cosmic Platformer Straylight Coming To Quest, PC VR, PSVR In Q3 2021

Straylight, a new VR platformer set in space, will launch later this year for Oculus Quest, PSVR and PC VR.

The game will see you use stars as anchor points to pull yourself through space, with easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay that “finds inspiration in the white-knuckle, pixel-perfect platformers of yesteryear.” Here’s a description from Dr Bloc, the developers:

Across a beautiful, deadly universe, thousands of blue stars dot the void. With the power of the Straylight, hook onto these stars and swing through abstract, cosmic environments, soaring from point to point and slinging to new heights. Utilizing the Fling Engine, a propulsion system designed for comfortable movement in VR, take flight through dozens of stunning galaxies and brave fatal obstacles.

The game takes its name from the ‘straylight’ beam emitted from each controllers, which allows you to latch onto stars and propel yourself forward in a swinging motion. There’s no solid ground or other reference points, just space and the stars, which Dr Bloc says helps with clarity and helps players sense speed and inertia while playing.

Straylight is slated for release on Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR in Q3 2021, with support for Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. An early version of the game is already available on Steam in Early Access for PC VR, but Dr Bloc says that the 1.0 release later this year will bring a “bevy of new content” including hidden collectibles that unlock harder galaxies, achievements, new puzzles and leaderboards, alongside general upgrades such as updated assets, quality of life updates and new voiceovers.

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