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SteamVR Now Lets You Pin Windows Around You

SteamVR Now Lets You Pin Windows Around You

SteamVR 1.19 adds the ability to pin windows anywhere in your playspace, not just to a controller.

The update shipped last week and it is the culmination of the Beta versions released since version 1.18 in July, which mainly focused on Oculus Quest connectivity improvements.

Version 1.17, shipped in June, added the ability to pin desktop windows to your controllers. This was already possible with 3rd party extensions like OVR Toolkit and OVRdrop, but now it’s an official built-in feature of the SteamVR Dashboard.

1.19 takes this feature further. Now you can freely pin desktop windows around you in your playspace. To do this, just use the new globe icon beside the left & right controller icons in the desktop views tab of the SteamVR Dashboard.

The interface is impressively intuitive compared to the 3rd party alternatives.

As well as this new feature, the changelog lists a number of bugfixes, including a DirectX 12 memory leak in OpenXR mode.

For Oculus users, SteamVR will also now automatically quit if you close the Oculus desktop app – another small convenient user experience improvement.

While Valve has only hinted at new hardware, it continues to improve SteamVR to be the definitive VR platform on PC.

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