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Steam's Massive 2017 Summer Sale Kicks Off Today With Discounts To Over 800 VR Games


It’s that time of the year again. Kids are frolicking at parks during the day, free from the restraints of school life, the sun is shining high in the sky, and everybody that dares to venture outdoors is slowly melting into a puddle of regret. It’s summertime!

Luckily Steam is back at it again making a convincing case for why you should stay indoors and explore other fantastical worlds while in your air conditioned home. This year doesn’t seem to feature VR content as a prominent category of the sale, at least not yet, but there are still lots of goodies to look forward to. This year’s Summer Sale runs from today, June 22nd, until July 5th, which is just about two weeks.

And if you like gamifying your shopping then you’re in luck. Just like every season Valve has crafted a seasonally appropriate meta game attached to the purchasing process. By completing certain activities and spending money you can earn digital stickers for a virtual sticker book. Yipee!

There are over 19,000 pieces of content discounted on Steam right now, over 800 of which have VR support in some way. We’ve put together a quick list of games and one extra utility pick for the 2017 Steam Summer Sale, but you can see every discounted VR game right here. This list is in no particular order and is not necessarily the best VR games on sale, but rather a combination of the best deals for quality content. You can see our list of the best Vive games and best Rift games for more suggestions. This approach means we will probably miss some excellent deals so please feel free to mention other suggestions you see down in the comments below!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Today’s Discount: 67% Off ($4.94) [Steam Store Link]

DiRT Rally

Today’s Discount: 70% Off ($17.99) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]


Today’s Discount: 50% Off ($9.99) [Steam Store Link]

Elite: Dangerous

Today’s Discount: 50% Off ($14.99) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]


Today’s Discount: 33% Off ($26.79) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]


Today’s Discount: 60% Off ($13.99) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]


Today’s Discount: 50% Off ($9.99) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]


Today’s Discount: 33% Off ($20.09) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]


Today’s Discount: 40% Off ($5.99) [Steam Store Link] [Our Impressions]


Today’s Discount: 40% Off ($11.99) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]


Today’s Discount: 53% Off ($7.04) [Steam Store Link] [Our Review]

Island 359

Today’s Discount: 33% Off ($13.39) [Steam Store Link] [Our Impressions]


Today’s Discount: 85% Off ($4.49) [Steam Store Link]

Correction: The original version of this article, published on 6/22, mentioned Flash Sales and Daily Deals, but those are no longer used during Steam Sales. The prices of discounted games are generally the same throughout the sale period now.


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